Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I spoke this morning about secuirty non innovation at the ISSA 2009 conference. The purpose of the presentation was to position security architecture as a support for business innovation. You know that SOA and BPM initiatived didn't ship with security included in the box, right? For those interested in the introduction video you can grab it from here.


  1. If "business enabler" doesn't work, then try "business innovator," eh? I'm guessing "the business" still won't get what it is we're all trying to say. ;)

  2. I think the penny is starting to drop, especially when they are unable to deliver on the promise (SOA, BPM, etc). It's getting easier to wire systems together (ESB, Middleware, XML appliances, etc) however taming and control the new beast is now a major concern. You can actually be in a worse situation than when you started since individual LOB systems at least have some domain specific access control model. Tie them all together and you have an unmanageable mess.